MOHA is an artistic collective based in Amsterdam, making performances and events in various public spaces around the world. The collective creates connections between art and other disciplines/work fields as a statement. They believe art needs to make these connections in order to play a more active part in the way society functions, the way we build our cities, the way we dream our future. They become the bridge that links disparate fields, people and things together. And when these encounters finally happen, when we finally join forces, this is when the future offers endless possibilities.

During their residency from 3—24 October 2018, MOHA undertook a project called Unfolding Routines for which they dived into the world of international students. In the heart of the student life of Groningen – in The Student Hotel, where 287 international students live – two former international students went beyond the myths. MOHA stayed at the Student Hotel to follow the routines of the international students living there. They joined the Student Hotel staff, working as cooks, cleaners, waitresses, becoming part of the life of the students from morning to evening. At the end, they shared their experiences through a performance and two exclusive tours behind the scenes.

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