Anna Raimondo

Based in Brussels, Anna Raimondo (1981, Naples) explores and blends differences, special characteristics and multiple identities in order to break down barriers between them, to accept their ill-defined boundaries and to transform them into a domain of possible and impossible conflicts.

Using performance, video, sound art or radiophonic creation, and through playful and humorous tones, Raimondo’s work is a medium of encounters and exchanges and a journey that evokes and celebrates social diversity while creating possible areas of interaction.

Anna took up residence at LE 18, in Marrakech's medina from 1st February until 24th March 2019. During this time she worked with an intergenerational group of women to create a sonic composition. The project aimed to make audible and reveal through rhythms, the complex relationship between visibility and invisibility for the women in the context of the historic Medina of Marrakech.

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