Ali Taptik & Okay Karadayilar

Ali Taptık is an artist and photographer from Turkey, he is also a PhD Candidate in Architectural Design at ITU. In his work, he explores themes including the representation of urban landscape and architecture, the relationship between the individual and the city, psycho-geography and the interaction of literature and visuality.

His works have been exhibited in various institutions including SALT (Istanbul), MAXXI (Rome), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut) and Venice Biennial for Architecture. In addition to working with institutions to document and research his ever-changing home city of Istanbul, Taptık has published several books including Kaza ve Kader (Filigranes Editions, 2009); Depicting Istanbul (Akin Nalca, 2010); There are no failed experiments. (Atelier de Visu, 2012); and Nothing Surprising (Marraine Ginette, 2015). Taptık is one of the founders of Bandrolsüz collective, for the distribution of independent artists’ books and also an activist that has been working on the preservation of the Historic Vegetable Gardens of Yedikule. He is also the cofounder of design agency and publishing studio Onagöre with Okay Karadayilar.

Ali Taptik was resident in Quarantine’s Tenancy house in the border of Manchester and Salford, UK, from 13 May to 9 June 2019. He was accompanied for part of his residency by his collaborator, graphic designer Okay Karadayilar. During this time, Ali undertook a project photographing the 'non-human' neighbours of the area. During the residency, he invited neighbours to the house to view his photographs and he gave a talk for local artists and members of the public at Manchester Art Gallery with local photographer Gavin Parry. After returning to Turkey, Ali and Okay produced a calendar using some of the new photographs. Copies of the calendar were given to neighbours.

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