University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, UK, is research coordinator for Meet the Neighbours. We are working with Dr. Abigail Gilmore and Ben Dunn in order to create and coordinate a critical research framework for the project.

Dr. Abigail Gilmore is Senior Lecturer in Arts Management and Cultural Policy at University of Manchester and Head of the Institute for Cultural Practices, leading postgraduate programmes in these interdisciplinary subject areas. Her research concerns local cultural policies, strategies and participation practices and their impact on place, frequently involving collaborative initiatives with cultural partners to inform teaching, knowledge exchange and public engagement.

Ben Dunn has recently submitted his doctoral thesis which focuses on the relationship between community and performance, in particular: the intersection between community, ontology and political agency. The first output from this research, a chapter co-authored with Dr. Jenny Hughes, will be available in the edited Methuen Drama collection ‘Applied Theatre: Economies’.


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