First residencies begin

13 March 2018

The Meet the Neighbours project is getting underway as the first residencies begin in Marrakech and Béthune.

Visual artist Shayma Nader will take up residence with LE 18 in Marrakech from 25 March until 19 May 2018. Shayma, who was born in Jerusalem but lives and works in Ramallah, Palestine, collaborates with musicians and writers in her work that explores environmental injustice and socio-political dynamics within resistance movements. During her residency she will work with the protest group ‘Movement on Road 96’ who campaign against the depletion and pollution of Imider's water reserves.

Shortly after, Quarantine (the project partner in Manchester, UK) will take up residence with La Comédie de Béthune, France. From 29 March to 16 April 2018 the theatre and performance company will work around 50 local people of all ages in Béthune, to develop a production called ‘Summer.’. Through a period of two weeks, the performers will get to know each other through workshops, conversations, shared meals and rehearsals, before staging the performance. Summer. will bring to the stage their intimate stories and fragments of their everyday lives and in doing so ask: how are we living today?

The first residencies in Groningen and Lublin will being in June. WERC Collective will work with the Grand Theatre to engage with the refugee community in Groningen. Barbara Gryka will take up residence with Galeria Labirynt, Lublin. She works in the fields of performance art, painting and video exploring issues such as human identity and image within the socio-political sphere.

The first residency in Salford & Manchester, UK will follow in the autumn of 2018.


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