Grace Surman & Gary Winters and family

Grace Surman works in the realms of performance, live art, theatre and choreography, both nationally and internationally. She has over 20 years’ experience making solo and collaborative work exploring live presence, installation and video art. She draws on theatrical devices, process-based performance actions, feminist theories and contemporary culture to explore and excavate the constraints and conditions around us. More recently, Grace has been making work in response to becoming a parent: watching the developmental stages of her children.

Gary Winters is performance maker with over 20 years’ experience in the field of live art. He is Co-artistic Director of performance company Lone Twin who have a celebrated body of international work for gallery, theatre and public space. They make hopeful, entertaining projects for and with all ages and communities. He also collaborates with other companies and artists on a variety of performance and mixed-media projects. Lone Twin’s innovative work for children Beastie was commissioned by The Barbican, London and has toured nationally and internationally since 2010.

Grace and Gary will come from their home in Yorkshire, UK, to take up residence in Quarantine's Tenancy house on the border of Manchester and Salford, UK, with their two children Hope (aged 11) and Merrick (aged 9). Both children have worked with and alongside Grace in recent works. Hope has performed in a live work with Grace in London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Hull and York. Merrick has performed a duet with Gary in Leeds, Liverpool, Halifax, a summer family festival, and as part of a rural touring show in Spring 2018.

The family are taking up residence for four separate weeks in October 2018, and January, February and April 2019.

During their residencies, the family choreographed a dance in response to the local bin collection timetable and staged a durational ‘den building’ performance in the house’s windows. They installed an ice sculpture on the estate and undertook a forensic investigation of the neighbourhood. They co-created art with the neighbours, including a collaborative dance film, and a zine of drawings and prints.

Games no games from Clare Dearnaley on Vimeo.

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